Robotic Ball Controlled by Android & iOS Apps, ready to ship!

Magic robotic ball smart ball New Robotic Ball Controlled by Android & iOS Apps, demo video on our website.

This amazing robotic ball controlled by smart phone suitable for Android & IOS Apps,

with many amazing function listed in one application.

Magic robotic ball is an app-controlled wireless robotic ball for smart phones. It allows user to control the ball moving, turning, stopping and circling around the objects by Bluetooth connection. It built-in LED lights, could change different LED colors as you plays with it. Any color you can dream, with mode of led breathing, rainbow and flashing. The inside mechanism of the ball is protected by PC durable shell, so it is damage-resistant and water-proof, you could control it to swim in water. The app games are developed for entertainment with an integration of virtual and reality world. Its a completely new type of gaming system and aim for bringing fun to you!

How does it work?
It is a robotic device that built-in battery,led,engine, wheel,sensor and Bluetoot mechanism,you can connect it with your smart-phone by using the Android/iOS application, remote control. The ball needs to be within the Bluetooth range of approximately 15-30 meters the Android/iOS device to be discovered and control. The battery support 1 hour playing, and need 1.5 hour for full charging, which is wireless charging. The led is RGB lamp, it could be mixed on the setting board to have other thousands of colors.

Max remote distance:30 meters
Charging time: 1.5hours
Playing time: 1 hour
Ball diameter: 61mm
Ball net weight: 60g
App update service: yes
Accessories: charging base, adapter
Certification: CE/ROSH/FCC


1. Remote Control moving
2.Water-proof and Swimming

3.Led color Setting

Any Led color could be set, and the brightness of the led light could be adjusted as well. There are three color-beating modes available for option: Rainbow Mode, Breath Mode or shinning mode.

4. Disco Ball

Dance with Music Enjoy your small party time with the smart robotic ball. The ball will dance with the rhythm of the music played from the smart phone. And our user-friendly design is to allow the Bluetooth connect the ball while connect your Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphone at the same time.

5.Billiards ball

Find a “billiard holes” on your table and use the smart phone as club to “click ” the ball, its funny to hit other ball and enter the billiard hole successfully. The app allow you to change the direction of the ball moving before it start to run.

6.Piano key

Light up the Jumping Notes. There are seven keys with different tones;press any piano key, the ball will respond with related led color. Its amazing to play a music with a led ball respond with different color lights.

7.Gravity tilting control

Easily control the ball Control the ball with tilting or swinging the smart-phone to move around. It would be a challenge for coordination ability to drive the ball. (This function require the phone with gravity device)

8.Automatic ball

Press the “on” button to start this function, the ball will move around randomly endlessly until you press the “off” button. This is designed especially for amusing the pet whose master is occupied.

9.Golf ball

Innovative way to play Golf Using the mobile as the golf club and swing the phone in a golf gesture, the ball will move to enter the hole. All you need to do is adjusting the direction of the ball, making its moving distance is right directly to the hole, and swing. Challenge your friends to a round of office golf!

10.Draw your track

Follow your heart Draw a path with your finger on the interface of your Smart-phone, the ball will follow the path moving accordingly. Its interesting for kids to learn and develop their curiosity.

USD 37.22/unit based on 10 cartons 100 balls.

USD 42/unit based on 5 cartons 50 balls.

USD 47 /unit base on 1 cartons 10 balls.

10 balls per carton.  Shipping not included.